ARTISTRY™ Intensive Skincare 14 night restore program
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ARTISTRY™ Intensive Skincare 14 night restore program

SKU: 116396| Size: 14x1.5 ml

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    Even with a regular skincare routine, your skin needs restoring every three to four months. This intensive quarterly treatment acts 75% faster than the normal repair process to correct existing damage, while also helping to defend against future damage and boost the skin’s response to a daily skincare regime

    • Unlike other repair products, it contains the powerful Deep Night Action 7 Complex with advanced ingredients such as Ultrasomes® to help fight the “7 Deadly Skin Enemies” that include UV exposure and pollution.
    • A soothing system to help calm the skin and minimise the risk of skin irritation
    • Created following years of excellent DNA research
    • 7 levels of restoration and 7 skin-correcting benefits in just 14 nights!
    • Special deep-repair treatment Programme designed to repair skin at a cellular level
    • Provides restoration and benefits for really remarkable test results:  acts 75% faster than the normal repair process for younger-looking skin
    • 261% improved skin clarity for brighter, healthier-looking  skin. Restores the appearance of your skin in just two weeks
    • Boosts the effectiveness of the ARTISTRY products used in your daily skincare regimen
    • Comparable to the benefits of a professional treatment in the comfort of your own home
    • Clinically tested by an external institute
    • Elegant packaging: easy-to-use mini-airless pumps keep the product fresh and are environment-friendly

    Use every evening for 14 consecutive nights, 3-4 times a year, or after major life events such as the birth of a child, your wedding or the beginning of a new career. Apply after cleansing and toning on face, neck and the back of your hands.

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