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    Nutrilite Daily contains essential vitamins and minerals at basic levels to give you the confidence that you are taking good care of yourself.

    Taken just once a day, this product provides a broad nutritional coverage and balance of essential vitamins and minerals, together with valuable phytonutrients.

    Daily is specially formulated to provide a supplementary source of those vitamins and minerals that help to meet daily nutritional requirements and that may be missing from the regular diet. This product also contains nutrients beyond just vitamins and minerals from the premium Nutrilite™ plant-derived concentrates.

    • Provides a once-a-day, convenient solution to the nutrient gap that may result from a modern lifestyle which can lead to poor food choices
    • Provides a broad nutritional coverage and balance of essential vitamins and minerals
    • Contains phytonutrients found in the plant concentrates
    • Vitamin C, B12, B6, folate, copper, iron, zinc support a normal function of the immune system
    • Vitamin C, E, B2, zinc and manganese contribute to the protection of cells from oxidative stress
    • Vitamin B2 and iodine play a role in the maintenance of normal skin
    • No artificial colours, flavours or preservatives added
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