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    The ultimate in iCook cookware. Everything you need to fulfil all your cooking ambitions. From simple flavourful dishes, to complex, nutritious, multi-course dinner parties.

    • 1 Litre Saucepan and Lid Ideal for vegetables, fruits, egg dishes, custards, cereals, baby foods, icings, melting chocolate, preparing sauces or reheating.

    • 2 Litre Saucepan and Lid Perfect for vegetables, fruits and prepared soups.

    • 3 Litre Saucepan and Lid Just right for rice and bulky vegetables, such as broccoli and cauliflower.

    • 4 Litre Stock Pot and Lid Ideal for soups, pasta, stews, whole chickens or bulkier vegetables. Use Stock Pot with Junior Dome Lid for Stack Cooking and the 4 Litre Stock Pot Steamer for steaming a variety of vegetables.

    • 4 Litre Stock Pot Steamer  Use with 4 Litre Stock Pot for steaming foods and as a colander for rinsing fruits and vegetables.

    • 8 Litre Dutch Oven and Lid Use for preparing large portions of rice, soup, stews, stock, meats, or pastas.

    • Pasta Inset with Ring For use with 8 Litre Dutch Oven for preparing pastas, sea food and tempura, cooks and drains in one simple technique

    • Double Boiler Inset Pan This versatile accessory can be used as a “bain marie” (waterbath) with the 4 litre Stock Pot. Useful for cake, vegetables, puddings, sauces, noodle and egg dishes. It can also be used as a serving utensil.

    • Large Grater / Steamer Inset Provides the ability to fine and coarse grate, slice and steam foods.  Also designed as a stack cooking component compatible with the Senior Sauté Pan and 8 Litre Dutch Oven

    • Junior Sauté Pan and Lid Useful as a small Skillet, to sauté or brown foods, or to prepare fruit and vegetable dishes.

    • Senior Sauté Pan and Lid Use as a fryer or, with reduced amounts of oil, as a sauté pan. Also useful for sealing in the flavour of roasts, pieced poultry, or other cuts of meat by searing or braising without use of oils.

    • Junior Dome Lid The Junior Dome Lid can be used to cook large, bulky foods such as whole chickens. It is also a base for Stack Cooking and can be used as a trivet or serving dish when inverted.

    • Senior Dome Lid When used with the 8 Litre Dutch Oven, the Dome Lid can be used to cook large, bulky foods such as whole chickens. It is also a base for Stack Cooking and can be used as a trivet or serving dish when inverted.

    • 3 x Mixing Bowl Set with Lids Nest of 1, 2, and 3 Litre stainless steel mixing bowls with plastic lids, suitable for food preparations such as mixing and marinating

    • Uses a low moisture process that locks in over 1/3rd more essentials vitamins and minerals than traditional cooking methods “Keeps what the garden gives you”

    • Cookware variety gives you the right utensil for every need.“No two of us cook the same but we all cook for the same reasons”

    • Provides superb heat retention and distribution

    • Cleans easily - Beautiful and durable

    • Heats gently, evenly

    • Works beautifully on ceramic, gas, electric, and induction cooktops

    • Excellent heat conductivity

    • Suitable for magnetic induction

    • Does not react to foods so does not impare flavour

    • Helps resist to rusting, pitting and staining with proper care

    • Durable quality construction that will last a lifetime with proper care

    • Cookware you are proud to show!

    • Easy cleaning and good looks

    • Scratch resistant

    • For good heat absorption

    • Prevents drips and helps promote water seal

    • Helps promote water seal

    • Designed for comfort of use

    • Protect handles from flames

    • Protect fingers from heat

    • For economy of storage

    • Will remain cool to the touch

    • Space saving, energy saving! Complete a whole meal on one burner

    • Allows Pasta, shellfish or Tempura to be cooked and drained in one simple step, while still on the cooktop.

    • No need to replace the entire unit. Parts available through your Amway Independent Business Owner or the Amway office

    • Product quality is key

    • No-risk purchase

    Посуда iCook™ имеет покрытие OPTITEMP™, которое состоит из трех слоев прочно соединенных металлов, что позволяет равномерно распределять тепло по всей поверхности посуды и помогает посуде удерживать тепло на долгое время по сравнению с посудой, изготовленной из однослойных металлов. Посуда iCook™ изготовлена из специальной нержавеющей стали, в состав которой входит не менее 18% хрома (для противостояния коррозии) и 8–10% никеля (для формовки).