Automatic Dishwasher Powder DISH DROPS™Automatic Dishwasher Powder DISH DROPS™
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Automatic Dishwasher Powder DISH DROPS™

SKU: 110489| Size: 1.4 kg

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    This concentrated automatic dishwasher powder contains active oxygen and duo-enzymes that cut through grease and dried-on food, leaving dishes spotless. Suitable for all types of dishwasher, it has a fresh citrus fragrance and contains cleaning ingredients derived from natural sources like chicory.

    • DISH DROPS Automatic Dishwasher Powder cuts through grease and dried-on foods, leaving dishes sparklingly clean
    • It uses oxygen bleach rather than a chlorine bleach
    • Highly concentrated, it now delivers more cleaning power with less product
    • It can be used safely on all dishwasher-safe items of glassware, utensils, dishes, pots and pans
    • DISH DROPS Automatic Dishwasher Powder is great for removing starch and hard water film
    • The new compact box is easier to store and more environmentally efficient. 

    To see the ingredients list, please, click here.

    Only wash dishwasher-safe items. This powder is NOT recommended for sterling silver, silver plate or unprotected aluminium.

    • For light soiling, add 10 g of DISH DROPS Automatic Dishwasher Powder into the dishwasher soap dispenser (for heavy soiling, use 20 g), or place the detergent into the bottom of the machine
    • Load the dishwasher and adapt the water temperature depending on the level of soiling.


    Please be aware:

    • In areas of hard water, add dishwasher salt regularly to the machine to maximise performance and prolong the life of the appliance.
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