Bathroom Cleaner AMWAY HOME™ L.O.C.™Bathroom Cleaner AMWAY HOME™ L.O.C.™
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Bathroom Cleaner AMWAY HOME™ L.O.C.™

SKU: 117078| Size: 500 ml

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    Cuts through soap scum and other bathroom deposits like lime scale without harmful abrasives, leaving
    surfaces shiny and safe. The concentrated formula also helps prevent build-up of future grime. 

    • Dissolves soap scum fast, no scrubbing required
    • Rinses away easily leaving a streak-free shine
    • Safe on most washable bathroom surfaces like ceramic tiles and plastic
    • Contains citric acid produced by fermentation of renewable sources.
    • Refreshing citrus scent fragrance containing essential oils
    • Contains no phosphates, harsh acids/alkalis or chlorine bleach
    • Safe for septic systems
    • Cleans most bathroom surfaces effectively, leaving them smelling fresh and hygienically clean
    • Unique Bioquest Formula complex.
    • Improved formula

    Suitable for use on washable bathroom surfaces like ceramic tiles, fibreglass, porcelain, stainless steel, plastics and vinyl.

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